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Corporate values: innovation and development , the pursuit of excellence.

Entrepreneurial spirit: exploration, innovation, pragmatism and dedication .

Overall objective: new products, good benefits , contribution , environmental beauty, rich workers .

Development goals : to create " a world-class technology , leading the industry pioneer " display and communications terminal products.

Business purpose : Industry serve the country , to revitalize national industry ; build brands to contribute to the community for the purpose.

Sense of team : one mind , united struggle ; sincere cooperation, hand in hand.

Business philosophy: to one side , expand a market . Realord Group brand market share in order to win market integrity , innovation and market development.

Market philosophy: Today's quality is the market , the company's reputation for tomorrow is invisible market , customer satisfaction is the eternal market .

Competition concept: quitting brave victory , the brave wise men meet wins ;

Management philosophy : site management - standardization ;

quality management - standardization ; Cost Management - Market ; Marketing Management - Network ; Integrated Management - People First

Quality concept: Qualified products is our responsibility, quality excellence is our contribution ;Benefit is money, the quality of life ;

Marketing idea : realord brand , never let you down . No quality will be no market , no honesty there is no market . Brand marketing , integrated, mutual benefit , common development .

Talent concept : adhere to the " people- oriented, to Germany first , their talent , the onlyquote " concept of employment ' ; "build first-class team , the pursuit of excellence brand."

As business goals ; to " just find a way , no excuses " as the spirit of enterprise. Insists hiring of international talent , people who use high-                quality technology , the development of scientific talent , talent management systems, personnel training professional, choose the right people , good people , with good people .

Re just idea: Talent is the most valuable asset, companies provide their employees with the opportunity to create wealth for corporate employees .

Before the election idea: do not necessarily use the most senior people , not necessarily to use famous people , but rather use the most needed and most useful talents.

Yucai idea: more for less ideological substitutions ; heart satisfied with tolerance personnel to care for the feelings education personnel ; not only to develop "economic man" , but also to cultivate high-level " moral person ."

With the only idea: Seeking sincere , seeking practical only ; you have much talent , give how much you take the stage .

Sense of responsibility : responsibility is extremely heavy responsibility lay integrity ; responsibility is a prerequisite for business cooperation, responsibility is the cornerstone of a win-win partnership .

Sense of responsibility to employees : employees are thinking , anxious workers of urgency , the solution of the hard workers .

Sense of responsibility to shareholders : a highly responsible , long-term returns.

Sense of responsibility of partners : mutual benefit , win-win cooperation and common development.

Sense of responsibility to society : caring nature , effort rewarded.

Realord Group's environmental policy: compliance with laws and regulations, conserve resources and energy , reduce pollution, and continuous improvement.