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Realord GuangmingNew District Science and Technology Park

Realord Group is currently developing theconstruction of Shenzhen as China 's first special economic zone in China'sreform and opening up 30 years, created the world urbanization, industrializationand modernization miracle. In China City Competitiveness Report 2009 , theShenzhen city's comprehensive competitiveness ranked the first in mainlandcities , second only to Hong Kong . Shenzhen is located in the south of theTropic of Cancer model , a subtropical climate, mild climate , abundantrainfall, long sunshine hours , livable cities in China , where the blend ofthe cultures , but also China 's most dynamic modern life areas.

Guangming New District, Shenzhen,located in the northwest , east to Mission Hills , west Songgang , south ofShiyan , bordering the North and Dongguan , Shenzhen is one of the mostpromising areas . Functional orientation of the area to emphasize the economic,social , integrated development of urban construction , in accordance with theplan , the new district will be built to implement the scientific concept ofdevelopment " model region " into Shenzhen, the most livable , best ,urbanization , environmental highest level of modernization one of the new city.

Guangming New District obvious advantages,from Baoan International Airport , Shekou Port and Dachanwan about 25 minutesdrive from the Guangzhou-Shenzhen- Hong Kong is building the railway passengerline established in the territory of intercity bus terminal , Shenzhen MetroNo. 6 Planning New direct line . Long large east-west highway and light withSouth Expressway, Jihe highway, highway Meiguan GS Superhighway connected withthe Futian Central District , Dongguan, the Pearl River Delta and other majorurban centers to form a convenient and efficient , " a half-hourcommute" . The project base is located in Shenzhen Guangming New DongmingRoad and Gaoxin Road Interchange . High-tech Zone East Area belongs . Theproposed building is and technology development, industrial production andproduct display as one of the top R & D building . Base area of 20,599.44 square meters ofconstruction land , plot ratio ≤ 2.5, total construction area of 66724.71 square meters , of which ground floor area of 54,212.62 square meters ,underground construction area of 12,512.09 square meters . Building height of ≤ 100 meters and building density ≤ 40%, 45% green space , open floorlarge area of green public squares and overhead to the public . Lu Wei-technology industry on grounds of 26 layers, wherein podium four layersfunction as industrial plants, research and development and ancillary buildings. 2 floors basement , underground garage and equipment room , which doubles asa peacetime ground floor basement .

Face of the rapid development of the city ,facing the beautiful environment Guangming New District , we have been thinking: how to make urban civilization in harmony with the natural attributes ? Howto meet people on the high utilization of urban resources , while fully takinginto account the harmonious relationship between man and nature, society ? Inthe design of projects to explore the meaning and form of the building, tryingto find people around the social significance of the physical environment , andpeople's sense of awareness of the physical environment . Emphasis on materialfactors to adjust the environment to enhance people's social exchanges, therebystrengthening the community interconnectedness of people , identity and a senseof security , research and development in order to create the best workingenvironment . Follow and consistent architectural design principles are: 1 )respect for the city and rebuild a vibrant city streets, there are degrees ofspatial division , creating a lively urban space. 2 ) an open plan layout , theunderlying aerial open to the public , and stay out of a lot of public greenspace and events facilities in the west , to provide a shared space to maximize. 3 ) make full use of space resources, rational plane functional layout ,making the R & D landscape and toward the tower optimized . 4 ) Shapingsimple, modern building image properties consistent with building requirements, but also full of visual uniqueness, create a harmonious atmosphere of urbanspace . Intends to build a science and technology park in shaping theenvironment, landscape and human environment for harmonious living spaceplanning objectives , rational layout , functional, convenient transportation,with beautiful environment and rich culture , the development of materialcivilization with modern office and leisure space .