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2010 Hong Kong electronics fair spring Realord shine

Click:4607Date:2014-02-08 17:05:40

        On April 13 to 16, 2010,Organized by the Hong Kong trade development council of the 7th Hong Kong spring electronics show held in Hong Kong(wan chi) convention and exhibition center.Realord Technology took part in the exhibition,in recent years at home and abroad to show company's leading technology and many new products,once again, to show the international strength and confidence.
        Hong Kong spring electronics exhibition is the most popular in Asia and the authority of the consumer electronics show Has been successfully held for seven to 2010 years,the exhibition to display the most novel from global buyers, the top electronic products.Realord force at the brand,the products involved in LCD TV, LCD monitor, computer camera, cell phone plan,etc.Since founded, Realord namely with precise craftsmanship and innovation to meet consumers on product appearance, high performance and character design and the high demands, continuously exceed limit.
        In the process of the exhibition, Realord attracted the attention of a large number of overseas buyers, buyers from all over the world during an endless stream, you see products and consultation to understand relevant situation with interest.On Realord exhibition shelves, the rows of an imposing manner, the product not only illustrates the Realord with chic modelling the idea of "the real king", also manifests the Realord never stop the innovative spirit and thriving vitality.
        In numerous models of display, the most dazzling is Realord newly listed 19 ", 32 ", 42 "LCD TV, with its light concise appearance design for many if the product in the exhibition art, become the focus in the new star. In addition, ATV/DTV mobile phones, digital TV qwerty keyboard, four frequency is also highly buyers attention, customers from Europe, America, Middle East, South Africa, don't pass any details, my company booth staff shall explain to the customers patiently.
        After years of efforts, the Realord are exported to Europe, America, Australia and Asia Pacific and so on many countries and regions in the world, and enjoy good reputation. 2010 Hong Kong electronics show not only shows the Realord the latest technological achievements and products, also show the Realord's role in the led industry technology innovation, corporate social responsibility and deep. Insisted on innovation of we always full of hope for the future, under the road to a range of achievements, we will continue to push forward Realord by force of science and technology progress.

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