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Companies participating in trade union chairman Peng Zhijun Shenzhen Federation of Trade Unions organized the "Futian District, union president and medium-sized enterprises" Improving training classes

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Posted by :administrator   Release time :02/03/2009


February 27, 2008, Zhang Futian District, Union Minister, Minister Xie led personally participate in the "medium-sized enterprises, Futian District, union president" in Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions Cadre School held classes to improve learning activities, training activities by the Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions Cadre School Vice-Chancellor Professor Li Xiaoming Speaker.

The main content of the training is the basic idea and medium-sized enterprises in Shenzhen City to carry out trade union work, the core business and the environment in the face of economic development enterprise unions how good communication and coordination between the enterprise and its employees ties, trade unions play an active role in terms of labor relations and collective consultation system, such as handling the interests of all, to promote enterprise development and optimization, protection of life and other employees.Comrade Peng Zhijun Realord group union president listened carefully professor teaching knowledge and work experience to be able to play an important role in guiding the future work .


With Realord Group, expanding the workforce has gradually grown, aspects of the work carried out trade union work is also increasingly important.Harmonious labor relations in enterprises, and actively promote the development of trade unions negotiate collective system for building a harmonious enterprise, promoting economic development and have a major role, after all, employees are the backbone of enterprise development, corporate culture is the core group, so Realord the next step will be to increase the Group's focus on the healthy development of the trade union efforts to respond positively to the call, employees actively preparing for sports activities, competitions and other activities of various types of job skills, Realord Group into the "deep field to warm home builders."


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