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Warmly celebrate the Shenzhen municipal government , " the fourth field to Shenzhen, Shenzhen - home builders ."

Click:2409Date:2014-01-17 15:18:50

January 2009 , Realord, Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the Shenzhen municipal government issued the "Fourth Shenzhen field to deep - home builders ," the honorary title. This honor is the municipal government on science and technology for the majority of Realord deep builders to create a " warm and happy home" achievement award , Realord, technology is the hard work of all employees pay the prosperity and development of Shenzhen , have made outstanding contributions encouragement and praise.

Three decades of reform and opening up , Shenzhen, with its unique pioneering spirit and inclusive attitude to absorb the batch of builders from across the country to deep builders across the country is also with their industrious hands , a lot of sweat flash of wisdom and great enthusiasm for the development of Shenzhen injected fresh "blood" , brings vigor , and they , for their own earned the respect and won happiness. Shenzhen municipal government organized a fourth consecutive "excellent field to builders and deep " " deep field to home builders " award in recognition of activities , it is necessary to come to the social status of foreign builders and deep construction in Shenzhen important role in giving full recognition , recognition of outstanding contributions to the reform and opening up in Shenzhen and modernization made ​​by companies to further develop their work enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.

" Let the people , businesses Xing" Realord, a large high-tech enterprise IT as a diversified development, from the beginning of the creation of enterprises, is very focused on creating a good working and living environment for staff , one to develop a good employment system ; two is to develop a more competitive benefits ; third is for employees to build a good platform for the promotion of development . The implementation of these systems and measures , greatly improving staff motivation and initiative to promote the rapid development of enterprises. October 2007 , Realord Technology set up a trade union , the establishment of enterprise unions to communicate with employees to build a business platform , from the details of care staff , give employees a sense of belonging , creating a harmonious space for the common development of enterprises and employees .

Realord, although technology is "small house ", but harbor "Big Love ," the company active in charity , focusing on social responsibility. In recent years , the company has salvage snowstorm , earthquake disaster victims , assistance to poor minority students, social welfare and other assistance to a total donation of 683,000 yuan . Love sharing can double , Realord technology this cozy " home builders " will move forward with care and dedication all the way to attract more builders and build a better future.


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