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Shenzhen Special Zone Daily Journal substantial Teng Realord Technology Corporation Interview Articles

Click:2705Date:2014-01-17 15:20:44

Realord massive expansion and Technology 2009 Global 500 hand cooperation buck the trend

February 5, 2009 " Shenzhen Special Zone Daily " published the fourth edition dramatically : Realord Technology massive expansion of cooperation with the world's top 500 articles buck the trend on hand .

Realord started the sixth day of the New Year of Science and Technology , Shenzhen Special Zone Daily two Division I senior reporter arrived to interview , after the Spring Festival has just started , Realord, Shenzhen, the largest science and technology to attract media attention , mainly because everyone is in this street talking crazy economic winter , and Realord Technology Adversity independence "show" , to turn the tide . Others because of reduced orders and anxious time, Realord technology because of orders jumped to catch a plant expansion , staff and anxious ; others running around seeking financing help, Realord was busily preparing technology plant and equipment ; in others difficult, difficult time to keep the pending attack , Realord technology had swagger , " lose ground ." The reason for this gratifying situation, because Realord Technology has long stick to their own development path : "independent innovation, product development necessary to specialization , but also diversity" ; customer first, quality of life, it attracted 500 companies worldwide cooperation . Chairman Lin Xiaohui grasp business course to determine the long-term strategy, strategizing, winning thousands of miles . Usually focus on research work in various market characteristics, elusive customers in different countries purchasing preferences and consumer preferences and so on. This is an important reason for the current financial crisis , many companies fighting for a case of buyers can come to the fore .


Realord, Science and Technology in 2009 ushered in a "good start" , this will be a good signal all the way to the guidelines Realord booming technology development in the future , I hope this group can warm "fire" to Liaoyuanzhishi melting rapidly " economic winter " , ushered in spring.


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