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IV contains forging into a new era of well-known brands Realord

Click:2605Date:2014-01-17 15:18:13

Su Realord Hua Group President Johnson participated in "The Sixth Shenzhen Top Brand " award ceremony

April 22, 2009 , well-known brand from Shenzhen Evaluation Committee sponsored the " Sixth Shenzhen Top Brand Award Ceremony " was held in Shenzhen Media Group 1800 square meter studio . Realord enrolled technology as the " Shenzhen Top Brand " , Group President Miss Su Jiaohua business representatives attended the awards ceremony .


Soviet president on the podium , gave a warm acceptance speech : Thank brands in Shenzhen jury , you review the leadership of the Shenzhen Federation of Industrial Economics , circles expert judges to grant Realord Technology honor . As a rookie , Guangdong flat panel display industry , Realord recognized by everyone , this is our great honor ; same time, we are deeply shoulder to consumers , the major responsibility to society . We will continue to create excellent brand and world -renowned brand of Shenzhen as the goal !


After the ceremony, the president of the Soviet Union accepted the Xinhua live interview , Realord on how technology forging "REALORD" brand , the successful experience of the financial crisis and the future development trend Realord and answered reporters. Realord brand along the way , has been implementing : good faith management , quality and service , continuous innovation , such as business strategy, in order to obtain the results today . In the future, Realord brand will continue to adhere to the road , to achieve diversification , expanding its industrial chain , into software development , to achieve both hard and soft , to establish an integrated science and technology industrial park Lu Wei , Realord to build an international brand , make every effort to achieve five listed goals for the year .


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