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Realord technology transformation and ugrading,Cooperative enterprises prestigious names landing in Shenzhen

Click:2586Date:2014-01-17 15:49:10

Posted by:Marketing Huang Jianfeng  Release time:02/12/2011

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With the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone through the thirties, private enterprise, and how after 30 years of the SAR development, continues to lead the sustainable development of private enterprise is a serious issue facing many.This year the fair opening day,November 18 key project signing ceremony hosted by the Government of Futian District - Wei Lu, Shenzhen Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Institute of Technology, Shenzhen and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Institute of Electronic and Computer Engineering Technology Center language vocals on creating a ‘Realord reaserch base’,R & D cooperation ‘A new generation of human speech processing technology’,Hall was held in high cross Chrysanthemum Hall’Signed long-term cooperation and research-cum-Wei Lu Technology expert consultants hired grant ceremony’.Shenzhen Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Huang Guoqiang, deputy head of Yang Xia, Futian District, Shenzhen, and other leaders attended the meeting.


Realord Lin Xiaohui, chairman of Technology and Beijing Institute of Technology, respectively, DENG new executive vice president of Shenzhen Institute, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chief Scientist of Electronic and Computer Engineering Department Human Language Technology Center founder director Feng Yan signed a contract site,Vice President in charge of Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Minister Zhang Yu relevant leaders attended the meeting and witnessed the signing.The project is to demonstrate the SAR cooperation of private technology enterprises adhere to the times, seize the opportunity, pioneers, timely adjustment of enterprise development strategies, implementation of the core technology innovation to upgrade the style of the times


Research cooperation, the country in recent years vigorously promote and encourage the development of important strategic,Shenzhen enterprises in all levels of government support, the bold "pilot", and actively explore the characteristics of Shenzhen Combination with new ways, new methods, new mechanisms, made ​​a series of breakthroughs, success, becoming the Pearl River Delta and the national production Gakken one of the most active areas of cooperation.Thus the rapid rise of emerging industries and new industries chain, a new model of innovation and research cooperation, new mechanisms to effectively promote the development of this emerging strategic industries.


Realord, Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. as a "National Hi-Tech Enterprise" and "high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen.","Shenzhen key cultural institutions."To speed up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises aiming at the cutting edge of technology in a sophisticated partners,Including defense technology areas, deeper voice language processing technology. Develop a solid foundation for innovation, research and academic fields at home and abroad with rare contacts accumulation, scientific equipment and agencies have the advantage of specialized talents and conduct research targeted long-term cooperation.Pre-empted "conversion" and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong "Innovation Circle" Building,Private enterprises to fully display the SAR decisive decisions, forward-looking.The Government is also fully reflects the innovation of private technology enterprises, nuanced and timely sure to observe the times, vigorously support.


The long-term research, development efforts around Shenzhen strategic emerging industries, give full play to their own strengths cooperation on relevant industry trends, technology and industry-related basic research, the development of a new generation of products corresponding to undertake and apply national, provincial, municipal and other research projects, the creation of independent innovation international intellectual property rights market discourse, to achieve a win-win.Meanwhile, in carrying out innovative research project cooperation, talent training in the profession, improve personnel structure and high-level decision-making level of the cooperative enterprise, providing the basis for the material and to develop and market high-level decision-making in the field of technology.Clear objectives, ambitious, has a very good social effects of lead bound for the economic development of Shenzhen, DC, on how many private enterprises to upgrade the timely implementation of the enterprise in the new period, which get very useful inspiration.


Xia , vice mayor praised Technology's "conversion", "people march", "military and civilian research Huzhuan platform", indicating that the platform is the "integration of resources, complementary advantages, comprehensive innovation, mutual benefit and win-win" for the specific practice.In addition, the Deputy Secretary Xia said: Wei Lu Technology grant employ expert consultants and research partners is fully owned by the senior professional personnel, outside help in the form of expert consultants, research cooperation project for the implementation of control, guidance, presided over the smooth development of the project is complementary advantages, resource integration of proven good form, is one of the highlights of the event.


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