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Realord- winning technology successful auction of industrial land located in Guangming New District

Click:2825Date:2014-01-17 15:19:23

March 17, 2009 Division I Guangming New District is located in Shenzhen Land Real Estate Trading Center ( hereinafter referred to as the trading center ) next successful auction of land for industrial use

This marks an annual output of 900,000 Lu Wei LCD TV , 1.5 million monitors , 700,000 laptop computers and other electronic products manufacturing base formation , marking the domestic appliances , IT development, and manufacturing industries to add a large-scale manufacturing enterprises and professional the OEM / ODM service providers, also marks the Shenzhen appliances , IT industry Adds force .

Realord Science Park base plans to invest 200 million yuan , in 2009 in the light of science and technology park formal foundation , and complete the construction of the main body portion ; initial maximum design capacity of 500,000 units / year. The second phase is completed, the design production capacity will reach 1.5 million units / year. The program has seven production bases of advanced production lines, and a flexible production system with a combination of mass production , not only to meet the high-volume less variety , customization can be achieved in small quantities in many varieties . In this regard, there are famous forecasters noted that with the high degree of integration of the light high-tech zone "Global industry cluster " function and "regional core cities " function , which will be the strategic direction " of international technology industry city" evolution .

As the annual sales income of more than 1 billion yuan of local enterprise group , Realord Group from 2005 began to enter the home appliance manufacturing, four years to hone and build a manufacturing base in Shenzhen appliance industry development and large-scale applications. Lam Dong happy said: Realord Guangming New District Group 's manufacturing base into operation , will greatly satisfy the needs of the Group's long-term development , and will provide a strong guarantee for Realord quickly upgrade technology and expand production in the next few years.


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