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Realord Group becomes Shenzhen City Fire Association unit

Click:2855Date:2014-04-11 15:40:41


Realord Group becomes Shenzhen City Fire Association unit


March 20 morning, the Shenzhen Municipal Fire Protection Association Fire Association held in Shenzhen City Fire Administration plaque in Room 801, a certificate presentation ceremony. Realord, Shenzhen Holdings Limited approved as a member of the governing unit, methods certificates and medals, Lin Xiaohui, chairman of the governing individual members. Cai Yan, president of Municipal Fire Protection Association, deputy director of the Municipal Fire Administration Zheng Yanwen, Li Ding Secretary General Municipal Fire Protection Association and all members of the Council attended the ceremony.


At the meeting, the leaders of the Second City Fire Protection Association Council members issued a membership plaque, certificate. Participants discussed and passed along to the city Fire Protection Association 2014 planning. Finally, Cai Yan, president of the participants reported major work after the second session of the Association Council three times December 27, 2013 launch, emphasizing in 2014 the association will enhance fire vocational skills and fire safety training. Cai Yan, president of Association of the Association hopes to work more valuable advice, and effectively improve the capability and level of service of members.


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